Dear members,

Please notice that there will be a meeting of our Norsk Tunisisk Forening
On: Monday November 20 at 18:30
At : The Tunisian Embassy, Haakon VII’s gate
Please put this on your agenda. We will inform of the program later.

50th anniversary of independence (1956-2006)

Website of Tunisia’s fiftieth anniversary of independence:

DHAFER Youssef's to Norway 01.11.06, at the World Music Festival

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Late junction (BBC) presenter Fiona Talkington explains how an exceptional young Tunisian musician found his creative home in Europe.
Divine Shadows takes you on a truly magical journey.
Combining the gorgeous atmospheric soundscapes of Norway’s finest musicians with a maturing subtly of oud and voice, on Divine Shadows the full potential of Dhafer's powerful live vocals are at last captured on CD.
Divine Shadows introduces a new dimension to the band's live performances. The album has an added complexity and subtlety, aided by the inclusion of the Oslo Session String Quartet, which emphasises the melodies, complementing the textures and colours that the core band conjure up.
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MED-IT 2006: Rencontres d'affaires sur les Technologies de l'Information

XCOM et le Pôle El Gazala des Technologies de la Communication organisent,
sous l'égide du Ministère des Technologies de la Communication :

" Med-IT@ Tunis 2006 "
Rencontres d'Affaires sur les Technologies de l'Information (TI).

D'importantes opportunités de développement et de partenariat existent pour les entreprises européennes souhaitant commercer avec la TUNISIE, ce pays misant fortement sur les Technologies de l'Information et sur le développement d’entreprises privées innovantes dans la perspective d’un marché globalisé et international contribuant à faire de la Tunisie un pôle régional d’excellence et de rayonnement technologique.