Dear friends and members,

We are pleased to announce this new opportunity to meet.
Our past Ambassador, Mr. Nabil Ammar, has regretfully returned to Tunis.
It is a pleasure, however, at this occasion, to have the occasion to make the acquaintance of the new Tunisian Ambassador to Norway, Madame Sihim Seltene, who will be our host for the evening.

Our topic this time will be WATER. Some 97% of all water on earth is salt sea water.
Large regions of the planet are, however, increasingly experiencing insufficient availability of fresh water for drinking and irrigation. Tunisia is quickly approaching this situation and is starting to take measures of precaution.
Our speaker this evening will be Mr. Christian Wee, Director of Market Development with the Norwegian company Aqualyng, supplier of low energy systems of water desalination, turning sea water into fresh drinking water. He has been visiting Tunisia this summer to initiate a cooperation with Tunisian authorities and private interests, such as the hotel sector. Mr. Wee will present to us the global fresh water situation, as well as the situation in Tunisia.

If our favorite tour operator, Sissel Nordhagen, is available, we shall also try to have her make a brief presentation of our planned next visit to Tunisia in October/November next year. This time we intend to include an optional 4 days excursion to the desert.

In the good tradition, the meeting will end up in friendly conversation over the Embassy’s Tunisian buffet.
Looking forward to seeing you there.