Den Tunisiske Republikk -
الجمهورية التونسية (Al-Jamhūriyyah at-Tūnisiyyah)

Tunisia's geo-strategic position, in the heart of the Mediterranean, favors the country's advantageous industrial and trade mobility with its European partners, making Tunisia: A veritable crossroads of civilizations and an important center for investment, production and commercialization.
Geographical position of Tunisia:
Tunisia, traditionally open to the world, has signed numerous preferential agreements with European Union and has been member of the Wold Trade Organization since 1995.


" Tunisia - this friendly, sunny country on the south coast of the mediterranean.
A small country, like Norway, with surprising achievements as a rapidly advancing country; also in most technological areas.
By Norwegians, much too unexplored.
We can help you there.
Come - join our friendly association ! "

Petter Synnestvedt